Below you will find the track listing as well as description of where the track plays ingame.

All tracks are composed by Stuart Chatwood. Vocals in "Time Only Knows" by Cindy Gomez. Other vocals by Maryem Tollar.

1."Welcome to Persia"1:02The main menu
2."Introducing the Prince"1:39The main menu
3."Call to Arms"0:39The main menu
4."Prelude Fight"1:34The main menu
5."A Dagger Is Found"0:36The main menu
6."A Princess Is Stolen"1:08The main menu
7."Behold the Sands of Time"2:45The main menu
8."Start Running"0:28The main menu
9."Discover the Royal Chambers"1:57The main menu
10."Dreamtime"0:41The main menu
11."A Question of Trust"0:52The main menu
12."Father Is That You?"0:31The main menu
13."Attach of the Sand Griffin"1:15The main menu
14."Don't Enter the Light"2:02The main menu
15."Enter the Royal Palace"1:26The main menu
16."A Long Way Up"1:04The main menu
17."A Vision"0:07The main menu
18."Royal Baths"1:45The main menu
19."A Bad Dream"0:58The main menu
20."Chaos in the Zoo"1:44The main menu
21."Lost in the Crypts"1:47The main menu
22."Farah Enlightens the Prince"2:29The main menu
23."A Brief Oasis"0:59The main menu
24."Awake"0:36The main menu
25."Trouble in the Barracks"1:47The main menu
26."The Library"1:42The main menu
27."The Prince Hesitates..."1:08The main menu
28."Tower of Dawn"1:34The main menu
29."Farah Perishes"1:10The main menu
30."At What Cost"0:22The main menu
31."Reverse the Sands of Time"3:03The main menu
32."The Battle Begins"0:17The main menu
33."The Vizier Must Die"0:59The main menu
34."Finish the Vizier"0:43The main menu
35."Farewell Princess"3:08The main menu
36."Time Only Knows"3:46Ending credits