Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time is a 2003 third person action-adventure-platformer from Ubisoft Montreal. It tells the story of a nameless Prince who is tricked by a treacherous Vizier into unleashing the Sands of Time, an ancient curse which turns all living things into sand monsters.

Witnessing his own father along with all their armies and the citizens of the Palace of Azad perish, he must now take it upon himself to return into the Hourglass the sands which plague the world. To assist him in this arduous task is the fabled Dagger of Time, which is rumored to have the powers to control time itself, as well as Princess Farah of India who is one of the only ones not affected by the curse.

Gameplay consists of platforming areas where the Prince must utilize his various athletic abilities in navigating the surroundings and finding a way forward. In between these platforming areas the Prince will encounter hordes of Sand Monsters standing in his way who must be dispatched in one-vs-many type of combat.